Sustainable. Purposeful. Employment.

Through the use of innovative urban farming models, we provide supported employment for adults with Special Needs and Autism.


Our Mission

Increase the availability of local farm fresh produce to the community, while employing and empowering the Special Needs community through therapeutic farming and purposeful work.

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Who Grows Your Food?

We rarely know where our food comes from or who grows it. Our food is grown right in your community, by farmers you know and trust.

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Zeponic Farms in the news

“Kids and Young adults with special needs have the right to work. They need to reach their full potential and have the same work opportunities as anybody else, and to have a true sense of purpose when they wake up in the morning.”

Washington Post / Read Full Article

“Every time I think I know his ceiling, he explodes right through it. I have since learned that with the right support and patience…he can do just about anything.”

Autism Speaks/ Read Full Article

“I think that’s what's great about hydroponics — it’s really the future of farming and if we can pair up a population in need with one of the fastest growing industries in the country, I think it could showcase what they could do.”

Catholic Herald/ Read Full Article



Our Produce

Our produce is local non GMO available year round available to retailers, restaurants, and the local community. Give it a taste!


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