About us

Zeponic Farms is a hydroponic urban agriculture company, providing fresh high quality produce for the local market. With recent technological advancements in hydroponic farming, Zeponic Farms utilizes recycled shipping containers equipped with LED lights, plumbing, climate controls, and many other features to create a highly efficient operation. The shipping container environment is custom fitted to be operational in virtually any indoor or outdoor location. Zeponic Farms is operational 365 days a year regardless of changes in our local climate. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Zeponic Farms is to provide high quality produce, while both employing and empowering the special needs community.  We believe that the special needs population is very capable of being productive workers and it is our responsibility to show the business world they can be valuable employees in the work force.

Why Hydroponic?

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants using a mineral and nutrient solution, in water, without soil.  With changing climates, fresh fruits and vegetables currently are being transported longer distances to reach consumers decreasing their nutritional value. The demand for locally grown produce is rapidly increasing as more restaurants are becoming farm-to-table, and more farmers’ markets/CSA’s(consumer supported agriculture) are opening to meet the demand. However with increasing demand, very few farming methods are ready to meet a year round supply without a greenhouse.  Greenhouses are very expensive, and are not nearly as efficient as hydroponic farms.  A hydroponic farm is highly efficient at sustainable agriculture with the capacity to produce year-round to meet local needs.